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Puglia is famous for three things: history, amazing landscapes and food and wine. Our region is so rich in culture and beauty that it always seems like you don't explore it enough, no matter how many times you visit, spending your holidays in Puglia is always a unique experience. It is everything about Puglia, from nature to history, from the coast to the hinterland, from traditions to locals, that keeps tourists returning to this wonderful land every year.

Stopping over in Puglia has become almost compulsory for anyone planning a trip. In recent years it has been visited by famous people, including politicians, musicians, actors, artists and many celebrities who have made a significant contribution to the region's popularity. With this small tourist guide we aim to offer information and travel ideas to help you choose and organise your next stay in Apulia.

A brief history of Apulia

The history of Apulia has deep roots, and numerous civilisations have followed one another in this land. Greeks, Romans, Messapians, Byzantines, Normans, Swabians and Angevins have left priceless traces of history and culture.

The treasures brought to light by the numerous archaeological excavations are magnificent testimonies to the history and culture of different peoples. Just as incomparable is the value of the artistic and architectural treasures of menhirs, rock churches, medieval castles, Baroque and Romanesque cathedrals, noble palaces and historic houses, small enchanted villages and cities of art, masserie, trulli and charming farmhouses.

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Puglia between land and sea

Spending a holiday in Apulia immediately brings to mind a beautiful sea and immense clean white beaches. It is the region in Italy with the longest coastline and is washed by two seas, the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea. Thanks to its 900 kilometres of coastline, you can choose between endless sandy beaches or breathtaking cliffs, but the main protagonist is always the sea with its crystal-clear waters, which has been awarded several blue flags.
Beach tourism in Apulia is highly developed and there is a wide range of accommodation facilities, such as farm holiday centres, holiday homes, bed & breakfast, farmhouses and charming residences, campsites, villages, adventure parks, free beaches and equipped lidos.

But travel and itineraries in Apulia are also much more. There are many beautiful villages and towns in the hinterland where you can enjoy silence, tranquillity, unspoilt nature and a truly interesting and ancient gastronomic tradition. In addition to the best-known tourist routes, there is a whole world to discover and fall in love with. It is the perfect destination to set off on interesting and magical journeys, to experience the beauty of the land and discover that this region has so much to offer, places that are often left out of the classic tourist itineraries in Puglia and for this reason deserve special attention because they are unique in the world.

Wine and food tours in Apulia

Simple, unique flavours, poor but made rich by the skilful hands of the Apulian people, which enter your heart. This is a great idea for a holiday in Apulia, to experience the traditions and excellence of wine and food, delicacies to be enjoyed all year round.

There is always time to set out to discover the tasty food and wine itineraries of Apulia. From Gargano to Salento, passing through the Terra di Bari, Daunia and the Gulf of Taranto, there are many traditional specialities that you must try during a holiday in Apulia. There are many traditional dishes that have gone beyond regional borders and have become part of national excellences: Apulian burrata, podolico caciocavallo, orecchiette with turnip tops, Altamura bread, fried panzerotti, Primitivo di Manduria wine, are just a few examples, the most famous, of a land that never ceases to surprise.