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Ostuni, the charm of the White City


We are talking about one of the pearls of Apulia, an enchanting place on three hills and washed by the sea: Ostuni. Also known as the White City, Ostuni is part of the province of Brindisi, in the heart of the upper Salento.

In the evening, you can see its warm and suggestive lights from afar. As we were saying, in fact, the small town is perched on three hills more than 200 metres above sea level, so it overlooks the surrounding area and offers a wonderful view of the coast.

In the morning, you will be enveloped by the snowy white that dominates most of the old town: a surprising, pure light reminiscent of the islands of Greece. Narrow streets, manicured alleyways, flower-filled balconies and striking views will accompany you on your tour of the city. Take a camera with you - it's worth it! What to see? Definitely the Gothic Cathedral with its 24-ray rose window is one of the main attractions and is located in the highest part of the city. Also visit the Museum of Pre-Classical Civilisation of the Southern Murgia and make a stop in Piazza della Libertà, home to the spire of Sant'Oronzo, the city's patron saint. This is the main square where almost all the numerous events are held, especially in the summer.

Ostuni has a splendid and varied coastline: rocks and beaches alternate on a crystal-clear sea awarded (also in 2018) the Blue Flag.

One beach not to be missed is Rosa Marina.

If you love food, you will be able to pamper your palate with the delicious specialities of the area: anchovies arracanate, broad beans and chicory, turnip tops, taralli and braciole are just some of the delicacies you can enjoy. The extra virgin olive oil and wines are also excellent.

Ostuni is a very 'lively' town and one of the most popular nightlife destinations in Apulia. There are plenty of clubs and bars where you can enjoy your evenings until late at night. There is no shortage of live music and shows and, in summer, trendy beach clubs where you can dance and drink cocktails by the sea.

Ostuni is a well-known place in Italy and abroad, so it is best to book your accommodation and flight well in advance, especially in summer. Ostuni is easily reached from both Bari and Brindisi airports. As far as accommodation is concerned, there are many solutions offered by operators. In addition to the classic hotel, you could choose one of the many bed & breakfasts located in the narrow streets of the historic centre, where you can fully experience the rhythms of the city. An alternative for higher budgets is a resort with a spa or one of the splendid old farms that have been skilfully renovated and offer extra luxury comforts and services. The farms are immersed in the fresh Ostuni countryside, and are places where you can experience a totally relaxing holiday, with a swimming pool, sun and 0 km food.

The most original idea? Sleeping in a trullo! A trullo is a small conical dwelling built of stone, traditional to Puglia. Trulli were once built as agricultural warehouses or homes for farmers themselves. Recently, many of them have been renovated, equipped with every comfort and rented out as B&Bs to tourists who want to enjoy this unique experience.

All that remains is to wish you a happy holiday in the beautiful White City.


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