Punta Prosciutto, the Salento you don't know yet
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Punta Prosciutto, the Salento you don't know yet


Today we are taking you on a virtual journey to discover a hidden corner of Salento where building speculation and unbridled tourism have not yet arrived. Punta Prosciutto is the ideal place to enjoy a slightly wild holiday and savour the true essence of the sea.

Many of you will have already been to Salento for a short weekend, probably driven by the publicity and success this area of Apulia has enjoyed in recent years. Most tourists, however, identify Salento with Lecce and the most popular seaside resorts in the province. We, on the other hand, would like to take you on a discovery of a wonderful place that is still unspoilt. We are talking about Punta Prosciutto: a hamlet of Porto Cesareo, in the extreme north of Salento.

Bathed by the Ionian Sea, it was, until recently, an unknown place where tourism arrived later thanks to the internet and the word of mouth of enthusiastic tourists. What is so special about this stretch of coastline? A crystal-clear sea worthy of the most exotic destinations, soft and surprisingly white sand and an almost untouched natural environment. You can admire the natural sand dunes, breathe in the scent of the Mediterranean shrubs and appreciate the brightly coloured wild flowers.

The beach is about 2,200 metres long and most of it is free, so it is easy to get a beach umbrella and deckchair and to find a place in the front row to enjoy the spectacle of the sky and the sea of an unprecedented clarity.

The changing colours of the sea will amaze you, and if you love photographs, we guarantee you wonderful shots without the need for any filters.

The water level is low and therefore Punta Prosciutto is particularly suitable for the holidays of families with children, who can play in peace and safety. Moreover, the width of the beach allows tourists to enjoy privacy and the almost unspoilt nature of the place, even during the busiest periods. If you practice snorkelling, you will love the transparent water, the sandy seabed and the experience of swimming with fish.

Many tourists have compared Punta Prosciutto to the Caribbean, but with only one difference: the prices! Here it is still possible to have a low-cost holiday that is affordable even for larger families. With a minimal budget you can enjoy the sea, sleep and taste the good food of Salento.

If, on the other hand, you don't like the free beach, you will find bathing establishments nearby, where you can take advantage of many services and amenities.

Where to stay? There are both on-site solutions (hotels or B&Bs) and in nearby Porto Cesareo, where you will be spoilt for choice. The local B&Bs are well equipped and almost always within walking distance of the sea, so you can enjoy the sense of freedom and relaxation that Punta Prosciutto offers.

We invite you to discover the most "hidden" Salento and wish you a happy holiday!


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